What is Badugi?

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Badugi is a korean poker game shrouded in a haze. It is fast paced and typically generates lots of action. While the game itself is not new, it is just recently that Badugi has started to emerge on some online poker sites, and that, apart from it being fun, is a good reason to learn how to play the game. Most players don't really know how to play which makes it easy to get an edge online. Think about how holdem was ten years ago.

Game basics

Badugi is a lowball triple draw game and the rules are very quick to learn. Every player is dealt four cards, visible only to them, and the goal is to get a collection of the lowest cards possible, without getting any cards of the same rank, or the same suit. Hence the optimal hand is A-2-3-4 all of different suits. Having a hand of all different suits and ranks is called a "Badugi". For all rules see Badugi Rules.

The many draws involved have had some players to regard Badugi as a game of luck, but even if it's true that players can often outdraw one another, it is also true that there are many factors involved making the game much more complex and skillful than it may seem at an initial glance. There are many keys to overlook and that a good player can utilize. Badugi is a game of great swings, but as with any poker game where you play your opponents luck is only short term variance.